Infant-Toddler Room: 6 weeks – 2-years
Infancy is a time to develop a sense of security that will provide the base from which the developing child will venture out and explore the environment.  Our infants are cared for in a warm, nurturing environment that provides them with the consistent routines they need to feel secure.  The room and curriculum is designed to allow children to safely explore toys and materials. As infants move into toddlerhood they become increasingly independent, venturing off to discover the world and their place in it. Our caring staff are there to support toddlers’ growing confidence and help to build their self-esteem. Toddlers are encouraged to develop self-help skills, such as feeding, and dressing for outdoor play.

Rainbow Room: 2 year olds
The children in the Rainbow Room are active learners exploring the world around them with enthusiastic curiosity.  Sensory activities, music, stories, books and puzzles are available for these children to enjoy at their own pace.  Guidance is supplied as children navigate a sea of social and emotional development.

Preschool: 3 – 5 year olds
Our preschool program emphasizes learning through play and self-discovery.  The classroom is intentionally set-up to provide opportunities for children to learn and grow in language and literacy, cognitive, social and emotional, and physical domains.  Small and large group activities provide children with opportunities to explore and practice new and emerging concepts and skills.